Police Catch Serial Offender on CA Roads

Police Catch Serial Offender on CA Roads

(RightWing.org) – California police have arrested a man linked to multiple road rage incidents stretching back to last summer. The 36-year-old’s last known attacks were in mid-January when he terrified drivers by attacking their cars with a metal pipe. The deranged assailant even targeted vehicles he knew were filming him on their dashcams.

Last June, a woman driving through West Hollywood with her 93-year-old mother was the victim of a shocking attack by a masked man who blocked her with his Tesla electric vehicle. He then leaped out and assaulted her car with a length of metal pipe. Multiple other incidents around the Los Angeles area followed, all involving the same black Tesla Model X. The perpetrator and his vehicle were caught on video at least twice as he carried out his attacks — but it was impossible to identify him because he wore a mask and the car had no rear license plate.

The last known attacks were on January 11, when the masked man battered at least two vehicles on the 2 Freeway in northeast LA. One driver, who caught the maniac on video, said he started recording when he saw the Tesla driving erratically and harassing another car. Finally, the Tesla driver jumped out and attempted to hit a car with a pipe before noticing that he was being recorded. Then the assailant switched his focus, got back in his car, cut off the man who was filming, jumped out and hit his truck several times before driving away.

Finally, on January 29, California Highway Patrol arrested 36-year-old Nathaniel Radimak on suspicion of the vicious attacks. Radimak, who already had two outstanding arrest warrants against him, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $5 million bail. Turns out he has a significant track record of crime and violence.

In 2017 he was charged twice with vandalism. In 2021 he was charged with possession of methamphetamine. Then, in 2022, a woman made two separate allegations of domestic violence against him. Finally, he launched his terrifying road rage attacks on innocent motorists. Radimak’s crimes seem to be escalating from vandalism to drugs to violence. It’s a good thing for LA residents that he was stopped before he went even further.

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