Pfizer ACCUSED – Racial Lawsuit Filed!

Pfizer Accused of Racism in New Lawsuit

Pfizer Accused of Racism in New Lawsuit

( – Another giant corporation is facing the consequences of going woke. Pharma manufacturer Pfizer recently launched a recruitment program that targeted minority ethnic candidates. Now, they’re being sued for racism.

Earlier this year, Pfizer announced its Breakthrough Fellowship Program, aimed at “increasing diversity” and making a commitment to “increase minority representation” at the company. The company’s website made clear that the program was only open to Black, Latino and Native American candidates, who would be eligible for internships at Pfizer and fully-paid scholarships for advanced degrees.

Unfortunately for Pfizer, racial discrimination is illegal in the US — and on September 15 a group of medical professionals filed a suit against the company, alleging that the program discriminates against White and Asian applicants. The suit, filed with a Manhattan federal court, says the program is “discriminatory on its face” and violates federal, state, and city laws.

The group behind the suit, Do No Harm, wants an injunction that would prevent Pfizer from making race a factor in granting fellowships. Pfizer says it has “every confidence” the program is legal — but admits it hasn’t reviewed the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Do No Harm slammed racial discrimination as a “backwards [sic] practice” that has no place in America. Unfortunately, some companies with woke HR departments haven’t gotten that message yet.

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