Peter Strzok’s Declassified Messages Show How the FBI Targeted Trump

Peter Strzok's Declassified Messages Show How the FBI Targeted Trump

( – Newly declassified FBI emails give even more evidence that the whole Russian collusion scandal was an operation by a faction within the FBI to bring down President Trump. Yet again, the key player is disgraced former agent Peter Strzok.

The email messages show that Strzok knew British mercenary Christopher Steele was in contact with the media throughout the investigation but didn’t tell the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. He also knew CNN was planning a story based on leaked information about the investigation.

Other messages shine light on how the probe got started, with Strzok seizing on a vague hint from an Australian diplomat that a Trump aide had said Russia might help the campaign. There was no actual evidence of any such plans, but Strzok threw resources at it anyway, finally coming up with Steele, an ex-SIS agent hired by the Democrats to dig up dirt on Trump. His emails show that at each stage, he was looking for information that would implicate Trump campaign members he’d already decided to target, especially Carter Page and Paul Manafort. The so-called Crossfire Hurricane probe was never about national security; it was pure politics all the way.

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