Pet Names That Topped the Charts in 2021

Pet Names That Topped the Charts in 2021

( – With 2021 quickly tumbling towards the confines of memories and history books, the nation is taking a little time to reflect on some of the year’s trends. Although COVID-19 disrupted many Americans’ lives, the desire to adopt pets marched forward throughout the year. As usual, many families named their beloved new pets after celebrities. However, the pandemic itself inspired some popular pet names too.

The ever-popular dog-lover website recently released its list of top pet names for 2021. Kate Jaffe, the site’s brand marketing head, told reporters that pet owners frequently choose monikers that reflect their pets’ “quirky” personalities. They also like to find a name that honors their relationship with the addition to the family home. compiled its list from millions of suggestions collected from the site throughout September and October when users signed up for the site.

While perennial favorites like Bella, Luna, Max and Charlie topped the list, oddly enough, several names inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic also showed strong gains. For example, the use of Zoom as a name increased by 443%. Similarly, the number of people naming their beloved pet Fauci more than doubled in 2021. In a bizarre twist, Rover reported the frequency of pets named COVID increased by 35%.

What about you? Did you adopt a pet this year? If so, what factors stood out when selecting a name?

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