People Quitting Jobs in Record Numbers in the United States

People Quitting Jobs in Record Numbers in the United States

( – Americans are quitting their jobs in numbers not seen for over 20 years – and millions of jobs need filling. It looks like working from home is a big driver for the fast turnover, hinting that things might not settle down anytime soon.

On June 8, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing 2.7% of US workers left their jobs in April. That’s up from 1.6% in April 2020 and higher than any time since at least 2000. Pollsters found that many people enjoy the flexibility of working from home or don’t want to go back to the office until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

The same research found that there are 9.3 million job vacancies in the US now, while the workforce is currently 161 million. That’s down by 3 million since the pandemic started, meaning employers have to offer higher wages or better conditions to fill vacancies. This finding is good news for workers who have record-high wage expectations.

With government stimulus money fueling demand and up to a quarter of workers planning to change jobs this year, the labor market could be in turmoil for a while.

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