Pentagon Works With Saudi Arabia

Pentagon Works With Saudi Arabia

In President Trump’s continued efforts to secure America and its interests abroad, the Pentagon is now negotiating with Saudi Arabia on how to share the costs of protecting the nation’s oil infrastructure.

Some assets being supplied to Saudi Arabia include air defense and radar systems. Given Iran’s increased hostilities throughout 2019, it’s vital that Saudi oil fields and other key infrastructures are protected. Overseeing these negotiations from America’s vantage point is Gen. Mark Milley, who met with Saudi officials this week.

The US military member count on the ground in Saudi Arabia was recently boosted from 800 to 3,000 earlier this month.

A common theme with the US providing military support is how we don’t seem to get enough out of the deal. Talks with South Korea failed after Trump wanted them to pay their fair share. Now, he’s attempting to get America back to a good deal with our Saudi Arabian allies.

Under Trump’s watch, America will get a fair deal for our military interventions.

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