Pentagon Narrowly Escapes Disaster

Pentagon Narrowly Escapes Disaster

( – A shocking and potentially disastrous event occurred at the Pentagon on Monday, though thankfully no one was injured.

According to police reports, Matthew Richardson, 19, attempted to commit suicide by blowing up a vehicle in a Pentagon parking lot. The vehicle belonged to an active-duty service member who has no ties to Richardson.

Richardson allegedly tried to ignite the vehicle with a cigarette lighter and a piece of cloth stuck into the gas tank. He was stopped by a Pentagon police officer before he could do any harm. The young man then ran away and eluded the authorities for an hour. He was eventually caught at Robert E. Lee’s former residence.

At the time of the attempt, Richardson was free on a recognizance bond at the time after having been charged last Saturday with assaulting a police officer. He’s now facing new charges and if convicted, could face 5 to 20 years in prison.

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