Pence Vows to Close the Borders Biden Opened

( – On September 25, former Vice President Mike Pence sat down with Newsmax hosts Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg for an in-depth interview about his plan for America. The two discussed the impact of Bidenomics on the country, the national defense, his hopes for a nationwide abortion ban, and current GOP presidential hopefuls’ polling figures. Toward the end of the interview, Pence vowed to close the borders that President Joe Biden opened shortly after assuming office in January 2021. Kraisman mentioned that former President Trump laid out his plans for addressing international trade and illegal migrants earlier that day. He followed up by asking Pence if he had a proposal regarding border security.

The presidential hopeful reminded Kraisman that he negotiated the Trump administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy with Mexican officials. He also boasted that the prevalence of asylum abuse and illegal immigration dropped by 90% as a result of that deal, combined with the construction of hundreds of miles of a new border wall.

Pence told the hosts that “Biden threw open” the United State’s southern border. “If I’m [elected] president, we are going to secure the border [on] day one,” he proclaimed. Pence also vowed that he would restart construction of the wall and restore Title 42 on his first day in office.

Turning his attention to the Mexican government, Pence said he would go to Congressional leaders and ask for the authorization to use force in Mexico. Then, he would talk to officials there and tell them it’s “time for us to take the fight to the cartels.”
Pence said he would partner with the Mexican government “like we did when they sent [their] National Guard to the border,” a reference to Mexico’s 2019 deployment of roughly 15,000 soldiers and guardsmen to stop illegal migrants from entering the US.

The former vice president concluded that segment of the interview by vowing to address human trafficking and the rising flood of deadly fentanyl streaming across the border. Then, he would sit down and work with lawmakers to reform the nation’s current immigration laws.

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