Pelosi’s Ridiculous State Expense Proposal

Pelosi's Ridiculous State Expense Proposal

( – With the CARES 2 Act now under full consideration by Congress, it’s mostly a guessing game regarding how much Democrats want to spend. Whatever your initial guess, it’s probably too low. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has asked for a massive amount of money for state and local aid in the next stimulus bill.

Pelosi has called for $1 trillion solely for states and cities to get through the COVID-19 crisis, which could be enough for up to four years of expenses.

State governments are finalizing their funding requests, which currently tally up to $500 billion. The House Speaker said that the recommended total of $1 trillion should reimburse states and localities for virus-related expenses and lost revenue. That number still has room to grow as Pelosi confirmed, “We have other issues we want to deal with.”

There doesn’t seem to be a price tag high enough that could satisfy Congressional Democrats. Bailing out the country is one thing. Having the solution be worse than the cure is another.

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