Pelosi Says Your Vote Should Impact Your Life and Not Your Religion

Pelosi Says Your Vote Should Impact Your Life And Not Your Religion

( – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to hand out some political advice last week — but chances are she will just manage to enrage voters. For many Americans, religion is an important part of their identity. Telling them to forget about it when they vote might not have been the smartest move.

On March 28, Pelosi spoke to MSNBC host Joy Reid. During the interview, Reid asked the 83-year-old congresswoman if she had any advice for Americans who are frustrated at the state of our politics. In an obviously leading question, she nudged Pelosi to tell people, “vote not on how politics will impact your religion, but how it will impact your life.” Pelosi, who’s never been stuck for something provocative to say, was happy to oblige.

Pelosi quoted President John F Kennedy, saying, “It’s not important what religion I believe in. What’s important is what America I believe in.” She said that’s the message Democrats have to get across to voters.

However, Pelosi then seemed to contradict herself. After agreeing with Reid that politics and religion should be separate, she then changed track and said abortion is “a personal issue… an issue of faith.” The Western Journal pointed out that all laws are an issue of faith — whether or not we support them depends on whether we think they’re right or wrong.

Pelosi went on to criticize Republicans, apparently trying to blame the GOP and its support for the Second Amendment for the recent mass shooting by a transgender activist. She managed to fit in an attack on grassroots Republicans, too, saying that some of former President Donald Trump’s supporters are “racist and bigots.”

Is there some reason Pelosi, who Reid described as “a religious person,” seems down on faith at the moment? There could be — the Catholic Church in her own city won’t let her in. Last week the Archbishop of San Francisco told Pelosi she won’t be able to take communion unless she drops her support for abortion and makes her confession.

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