Pelosi Now Claims Biden Has Border Crisis “Under Control”

Pelosi Now Claims Biden Has Border Crisis

( – Hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children and families have been flooding across the border since President Biden started reversing Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies. Yet, despite the mounting crisis, leading Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appear to be in denial about the scope of the problem.

During a March 19 press conference, she claimed the Biden administration “has this under control.” Really? Because later that same day, US Customs and Border Protection officials requested airplanes to transport migrants to northern states near the Canadian border for processing.

As one might expect, Pelosi lashed out at the Trump administration. According to her, it canceled “the investment” in immigration “problems at home,” whatever that means. She also criticized Republicans. She accused them of being “bankrupt of ideas” regarding improving the American people’s quality of life.

Pelosi’s absurd claims serve as a grim reminder of how out of touch she remains regarding the problem’s gravity. Making matters worse, read in its entirety, her speech is barely comprehensible.

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