Pelosi in Trouble With Democrats After Rejecting Relief Bill

Pelosi in Trouble with Democrats after Rejecting Relief Bill

( – Republicans know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is playing politics with a COVID-19 relief bill for political gain instead of helping the country. Now her fellow Democrats are starting to see the light.

Last week, Pelosi put a $2.2 trillion proposal on the table. Knowing that wouldn’t fly in the Republican-led Senate, President Trump offered a $1.8 trillion package over the weekend. Pelosi said, “no.” Now, some Democrats are calling her out for failing to think about those hurting who can’t wait until after the election for help.

Trump’s plan calls for another $1,200 direct payment to Americans, an expanded unemployment benefit at $400 per week, and more money for state and local governments. That’s despite Republican concerns about bailing out poorly managed Democratic-led governments.

Far-left Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) even told Pelosi to make the deal. He wasn’t alone. Former Obama Campaign Manager Dan Pfeiffer and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang also encourage Pelosi to set aside politics and help struggling Americans.

Pelosi claimed the Trump administration’s proposal lacked a “strategic push to crush the virus.” While that sounds good, every proposal has been met with some kind of outlandish claim by Pelosi. As long as enough Democrats don’t push back, a deal will likely not be made before the election.

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