Pelosi Ignores History During Anti-Trump Rant

Pelosi Ignores History During Anti-Trump Rant

( – Over the last five years, political divisions in America have deepened to some of the worst in modern US history. On the one hand, passionate debate about the direction of the country and policy issues is healthy. On the other hand, political strategies designed to inflame passions are not always a good thing, and both parties are guilty of using heated rhetoric to motivate voters.

Yet, there’s a difference between heated, passionate rhetoric and misinformation or alleging misinformation that is actually factual. On Wednesday, December 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took time out of her schedule to finally say something genuine and honest. She informed America that she would never forgive former President Donald Trump and his supporters for the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, and blamed the day’s events on the current rancor and divisions inside Congress.

Unfortunately, there’s much more to that story, and the divisions started nearly five years ago and will stay with America for the foreseeable future.

Pelosi and Democrats Are Part of the Collapse of Trust

Understandably, anyone who worked on Capitol Hill would be upset about what happened on January 6, but no one’s experiences or feelings should be marginalized. It was upsetting for millions of Americans on both sides of the aisle who watched things unfold on that day.

The problem is, Democrats want America to believe the only thing that caused people to behave irresponsibly and irrationally on that day was Donald Trump. That’s simply not the case. Four years of pent-up frustration led to the wrongdoings that occurred on January 6, and until Democrats own up to their side of what caused the problem, those pent-up frustrations aren’t going to vanish in thin air. Trust and respect are earned commodities. But, Democrats aren’t intent on healing; they want their biased view of justice.

How can trust be rebuilt between members of Congress in this environment? While the Department of Justice (DOJ) seeks to bring the wrongdoers from January 6 to justice, Democrats created a partisan January 6 Select Committee to get to the bottom of what happened. Why? Isn’t that better left to non-partisans? How is that supposed to build trust or help members of Congress, and the nation, heal?

While Pelosi may choose not to forgive or forget, many Americans won’t forget what happened over the four years before that day. The Democratic Party, the media, and some partisan bureaucrats inside the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and other agencies sought to undermine and remove Trump from day one because they didn’t like the voters’ choice. Remember that in January 2017, they began making the case Trump was an illegitimate president and never let up.

So, let’s take a look back at what led up to Pelosi’s sad commentary.

Democrats Ruthless Agenda to End Trump’s Presidency and Destroy Him

Before Trump took office, the 2016 Clinton campaign and the Obama administration put things in motion to discredit him. Let’s take a look at just a few of those things in their all-out propaganda campaign:

  • Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration perpetrated the Russian collusion hoax, which the DOJ and FBI carried out. It was ultimately proven to be false.
  • House Democrats and the Mueller investigation spent hundreds of millions of dollars investigating the phony Russian allegations. Numerous Democrats lied, claiming they had information they never had in the attempt to smear and discredit Trump.
  • Democrats impeached Trump not once, but twice on bogus charges.
  • A whistleblower made outrageous allegations in an attempt to get Trump’s tax records to use against him.
  • Anti-Trump opponents attacked the president over the emoluments clause for not ceding control of his business.
  • Anti-Trumpers inside the White House and the federal bureaucracy continually leaked lies and misinformation to the press.
  • Democrats and anti-Trumpers labeled Trump and his supporters as racists, bigots, homophobes, and other horrific names. Democrats claimed the president was an autocrat, authoritarian, Stalin, Hitler, and any other name they could come up with to meet the occasion.
  • House Democratic leaders called on their activist supporters to harass and intimidate Trump officials in public – and potentially incited violence.

These are just the broad strokes of what happened during Trump’s presidency. The devil resides in the details.

Perhaps Pelosi needs to re-evaluate the last five years. On Wednesday, all she did was reveal what was in her heart all along. The country voted for Trump in defiance of the Democratic dream to finish what Obama started. Hillary Clinton was supposed to remake America. Trump got in the way, and they despised him for it.

Now, America knows the truth. January 6, as wrong as it was, justified the Left and opened the door for Pelosi’s candor. If Republicans, and Conservatives, took what happened over four years personally, the Democrats have culpability. The only way to move on is for them to act like mature adults and own their part in it. That’s never going to happen as that would depress their base and hurt them in elections.

So, the best way to end this is for the country to be the adults in the room. If Democrats lose election after election, and the polls show voters will not reward their behavior, eventually they’ll grow up.

At least, one can hope. It may be asking too much.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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