Pelosi Downplays Impeachment at Town Hall

Pelosi Downplays Impeachment at Town Hall

Just hours after rallying the leftist troops with a punchy pro-impeachment rant at a press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemed to have lost a lot of her enthusiasm for the process she just pushed on to its next stage. Pressed to talk about the attempt to unseat our elected president, she repeatedly tried to change the subject. Pelosi has blown hot and cold on impeachment since President Trump’s inauguration; maybe she’s getting the idea she switched to supporting it just as it became electoral poison.


Nancy Pelosi was the guest of honor at a CNN Town Hall event Thursday night, and to nobody’s surprise what everyone wanted to talk about was impeachment. Well, everyone except Nancy Pelosi.

  • Last Thursday, Pelosi asked House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to file articles of impeachment against President Trump. Announcing that decision, she claimed, “The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution” and said there was no choice but to act.
  • However, just hours later she was asking debate moderator Jake Tapper, “Can we not have any more questions about impeachment?”
  • Tapper seems to have shaken Pelosi by reminding her that, according to recent polling, voters in the swing districts that will decide the election are increasingly fed up with the whole impeachment process. Among independent voters, more now oppose impeachment than support it — a dramatic swing from when the same question was asked in October.
  • There isn’t even universal support among Democrat congressmen. Originally Pelosi insisted that impeachment would have to be bipartisan to be legitimate, but no Republicans are supporting it. Now at least one Dem, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, says he’s opposed to it. If another 15 of the 233 House Dems feel the same way, the process is dead in the water.
  • It’s the possible impact on the election Pelosi should be most worried about, though. When Tapper asked if she would have any regrets if opposition to impeachment helped gain President Trump a second term, she protested that “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism. It’s not about partisanship.”
  • Considering how hyper-partisan and openly biased the whole process has become, it’s hard to imagine that Pelosi even believes this herself. And even if she does, millions of American voters don’t.

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