Pelosi Demands Stone Investigation

Pelosi Demands Stone Investigation

( – Last Wednesday, the Department of Justice stepped in to prevent biased prosecutors from throwing the book at former Trump adviser Roger Stone, who was facing a stunning NINE years in jail for not cooperating with the Mueller investigation. Attorney General Bill Barr decided the case was running out of control and recommended a much lighter sentence. Now Democrats, led by the Speaker of the House, are complaining about “political interference” in a trial that was always about politics anyway.


Following Attorney General Barr’s intervention last week in the Roger Stone case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is leading the chorus of demands for yet another expensive investigation into President Trump.

  • When federal prosecutors submitted their sentencing recommendations for Stone last week, there was shock at the severity of the penalty — they wanted seven to nine years in prison.
  • Under the AG’s guidance, senior DOJ officials overturned that and recommended Stone spends much less time in prison.
  • Four of the prosecutors involved in the decision immediately withdrew from the case, with one of them even resigning from the DOJ. Meanwhile, a slew of left-wing politicians started complaining about the AG’s intervention.
  • Speaker Pelosi upped the ante on Thursday, when she accused the president of abusing his power for political ends – the same accusation that triggered the recently ended impeachment farce.
  • Pelosi stopped short of calling for a new impeachment, which probably isn’t a surprise. She was reluctant to get behind the last one, and it’s likely she now feels like she was railroaded into it and got burned. However, other Democrats are less restrained.
  • Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was asked Wednesday if he’d seek a new impeachment process. He refused to rule it out.
  • Pelosi also accused Attorney General Barr of lying to Congress. She said, “This is an abuse of power that the president is again trying to manipulate federal law enforcement to serve his political interest. All this must be investigated.”
  • Other Democrats are calling for an investigation into Barr, or even for his impeachment.
  • Pelosi looks to be trying to pretend this is all politics going on as normal. But as we saw with the impeachment attempt, the Left is increasingly turning to legal processes when democracy doesn’t give the answers they want.

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