Pelosi Claims She Doesn’t Remember Being Told Not To Go To Taiwan

Pelosi Claims She Doesn't Remember Being Told Not To Go To Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi Says She Doesn’t Remember!

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent Asian tour received adverse reactions on both sides of the aisle before, during, and after her trip. Likewise, China’s ruling Communist Party warned her it would take “resolute and forceful measures” if the speaker went through with plans to visit Taiwan and cried out forcefully when she did. Pelosi also reportedly received a warning from US officials not to go — a warning she said she doesn’t remember hearing.

Shortly before the speaker’s trip, President Joe Biden told reporters it was his understanding that military officials didn’t think it was a “good idea” for her to travel to Taiwan. Nevertheless, the administration reportedly didn’t suggest she cancel the visit.

On August 10, POLITICO national security and foreign policy reporter Andrew Desiderio asked her about the Pentagon’s concerns. Pelosi responded she didn’t “remember them ever telling [her delegation] not to go.” Pivoting, she praised the US military, stating “their preparation… minimized the impact” of China during her Asian trip.

Despite the speaker’s effort to downplay China’s role in her visit, the communist nation fired 11 ballistic missiles into waters surrounding Taiwan’s northeastern and southwestern coastlines as an apparent message to the tiny island nation.

What do you think? Did the military warn Pelosi not to make the trip, or was Sleepy Joe just rambling again while speaking with reporters?

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