Pelosi Claims “Climate Change” Is Causing Border “Crisis”

Pelosi Claims

( – There’s nothing new about politicians spinning the truth to make their own party look good. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a habit of being so “liberal” with the truth it becomes unrecognizable. A recent interview with ABC This Week serves as a perfect example of her distortions.

Asked about the surge of migrants at the border since January, Pelosi’s knee-jerk reaction was to blame the Trump administration. According to her, what Biden “inherited is a broken system at the border.” Really? Nevermind the fact he canceled the construction of the border wall and revoked Donald Trump’s emergency order regarding the nation’s southern boundary.

Continuing her incredible tale, she claimed migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras were fleeing to the United States to escape “the impact of climate change.” Wow. Nice to know increased methane levels from cattle ranches in Pelosi’s home state of California have wiped out Central American farms.

On a positive note, Pelosi recently reaffirmed her promise to step down as House Speaker after her current term in office expires on January 3, 2023. Hopefully, this is one promise she’ll keep and Republicans will find a suitable person to run for her seat.

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