Pelosi Asked to Deny Government Funding Over Mandates

Pelosi Asked to Deny Government Funding Over Mandates

( – Biden administration officials continue their efforts to force all federal workers and employees at companies with more than 100 workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Republican governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis are pushing back against vaccine mandates through executive action and new legislation. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, the House Freedom Caucus is doing its part to derail the Biden administration’s plans.

On Tuesday, November 16, the group sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) calling on her to deny the issuance of any federal funds paying for Biden’s “unconstitutional vaccine mandate.” The letter began by reminding Pelosi that President Joe Biden and his White House cronies had issued multiple vaccine mandates that endanger Americans and lead to a loss of employment.

The letter continued, explaining federal mandates only served to divide the American people, harming national security along the way through the threat of expulsion from the country’s armed services for anyone refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Freedom Caucus also advised Pelosi they wouldn’t vote for a continuing resolution in December to keep the federal government funded if it contained any funds supporting federal vaccine mandates.

What about you? Do you think the federal government should force people to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

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