Pelosi Announces Re-Election Bid, Suggests She’ll Save Democracy

Pelosi Announces Re-Election Bid, Suggests She'll Save Democracy

( – For over 20 years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has ruled over Congress as either Speaker of the House or the Minority Leader. Her grip on the Democrats has been ironclad until recently when younger, more progressive woke members forced the party to the extreme Left. Unlike President Joe Biden, Pelosi has never claimed to be a uniter. In fact, she’s a lightning rod who wields division like it’s a badge of honor.

Two years ago, the Speaker said that the 2020 election was likely her last. On Tuesday, January 25, she reneged and announced on Twitter that she was running for re-election in her San Francisco district.

In her online speech, Pelosi listed her accomplishments over the last 30 years but failed to mention any legislative accomplishments over the last year. She said “equity” mandates her to run and suggested that the future of America’s democracy rests on the outcome of her re-election.

Pelosi Contributes to the Democrat’s Massive Lie

Over the last year, Pelosi oversaw the smallest majority in the House of Representatives in nearly a century. Yet, she twisted enough arms to move Moderates leftward and set up Democrats for a potential shellacking in the 2022 midterm elections.

In 2021, President Joe Biden and his Democratic colleagues falsely alleged GOP-led states that reformed election laws threatened America’s democracy under the guise of racism. They claim Republicans are suppressing voters and rigging the 2022 midterm elections, putting the credibility of the elections in question 10 months before election officials count a single vote. That’s despite federal courts determining that the states did not suppress voters in their election reform laws.

The allegations are political malpractice. On Sunday, NBC released an alarming poll for Democrats. It showed that voters might deliver a “shellacking” on Democrats for their abysmal 2021 record in which they tried to radically and fundamentally transform America’s culture, economy, and political system.

Pelosi Says Democracy Needs Her

Pelosi, one of America’s most divisive figures, claimed that she alone could fix America in her re-election announcement. She claimed that democracy is at risk over alleged assaults on truth, the January 6 riot, and an assault on voter rights. Its story lifted right out of the 1980s show Fantasy Island.

For people like Pelosi and Biden, truth is only truth when it meets their narrative. Moral relativism, identity politics, and subjective truth disguised as objectivity are the only tools in the Democratic playbook. Polls suggest that the public is onto them now that they’ve finally exposed themselves for who they really are and have been over the last 20 years.

Perhaps Pelosi’s biggest red herring was when the Speaker said she would fight for healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and fighting COVID — “with equity.” Ah… there it is. Equity has nothing to do with equal opportunity; it’s a keyword for equal outcomes. Equal outcomes are impossible, and only the government can rig society to give a semblance of such things. It’s called socialism. What else can it mean if the government ensures everyone receives the same outcome in healthcare and income, etc.?

Pelosi is delusional if she believes most Americans agree with the far-Left. She lives in a cocoon where Liberals only talk with other Liberals and don’t understand the average American who works hard to provide for themselves and their family. In the 2021 Virginia and New Jersey state elections, Biden voters handed Democrats a resounding defeat. It should have been a wake-up call that signaled to Democrats that they needed to make wholesale changes.

If they don’t make changes themselves, voters may do it for them this fall.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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