Overdoses Kill 621 People In San Francisco So Far in 2020

Overdoses Kill 621 People In San Francisco So Far in 2020

(RightWing.org) – The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it the nation’s worst medical crisis in a hundred years. At the same time, it brought the nation’s opioid crisis together with the isolation of quarantines leading to hundreds of drug overdoses in the City of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on December 19 that 621 people died in the city in 2020 due to drug overdoses, nearly four times the 173 deaths attributed to the COVID-19 virus. That number also dwarfed the 441 deaths in 2019 from drugs.

According to the Chronicle, the rise in the use of fentanyl, a strong opioid, contributed to that death toll combined with the fact the quarantine isolated many drug users from others, making it more difficult for them to find help in the event they overdosed.

A December 17 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Health Advisory reported similar issues nationwide. According to its report, nearly 82,000 people died of an overdose during 12 months ending in May 2020. That figure is the highest reported number of drug overdoses ever reported over a 12 month period. Additionally, the CDC reported the COVID-19 outbreak contributed to that rise in deaths.

Sadly, the nation may never know the full scope of the pandemic’s impact on the country regarding human suffering and death.

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