Over 1,000 Trump Supporters Show Up to Send Message to Democrats

Over 1,000 Trump Supporters Show Up to Send Message to Democrats

(RightWing.org) – The Left would love nothing more than for you to believe former President Donald Trump no longer has any support. Liberal news media outlets regularly spin every story they can get their hands on in an attempt to sour his following, and perhaps, even have him permanently banned from politics.

Fortunately, those nefarious schemes really don’t seem to be working out. The former commander-in-chief still has plenty of support from Americans, many of whom are more than happy to stand by him as he holds Democrats responsible for their lies.

On July 7, over 1,000 of his followers showed up at a rally in Crystal Lake, IL, to protest Joe Biden’s visit on the same day.

Republican protestors far outnumbered those who were present to support Joe Biden. Amusingly, just 25 people showed up on behalf of the often befuddled Democratic leader. This contrast effectively means that more of Illinois’ citizens are against the President’s left-leaning policies — specifically, the American Families Plan — than are in favor of them.

At the very least, the incident proves Republicans are motivated enough to stand up, speak out, and actually show up. That rarely seems to be the case for the other side.

Donald Trump’s #SaveAmerica rally in Sarasota on Independence Day was also a smashing success. Over 25,000 people showed up to celebrate his presence and future in politics.

Here’s to 2024!

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