O’Rourke Doubles Down On Gun Grabbing

O'Rourke Doubles Down On Gun Grabbing

Democrats have always wanted to disarm the American people. Some don’t believe the Second Amendment should exist, while others are acting out of fear in the wake of recent mass shootings. The latter seems to describe Beto O’Rourke most accurately when he talks about gun control.

The trouble is, Beto is going too far. He wants to enforce a mandatory government buyback of certain semi-automatic weapons.

Beto clarified his draconian position further during an interview with NBC News.

I refuse to even acknowledge the politics or the polling, or the fear or the NRA. That has purchased the complicity and silence of members of Congress… And this weak response to a real tragedy in America, 40,000 gun deaths a year, we’ve got to do something about it and I’m proposing we do something about it.

-Beto O’Rourke

While it’s understandable that O’Rourke is outraged by the tragedy affecting his beloved community of El Paso, his “solution” is backward. It would only empower criminals and prevent Americans from keeping a potentially tyrannical government at bay. Beto may have good intentions in his heart, but he’s paving the way for an authoritarian regime to take root while the citizens stand by helplessly.

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