Open Borders Activists Fail to Swing Colorado Vote

Open Borders Activists Fail to Swing Colorado Vote

A Republican became the new mayor of Aurora, CO, last Friday despite a concerted effort by pro-immigration activists to swing the election against him. Mike Coffman, a former US Representative for Colorado, faced a tough and drawn-out election, but finally triumphed in the face of a campaign that became more about illegal immigration than local politics.

Coffman has annoyed Liberals by refusing to condemn the Aurora Detention Facility, which has a contract with ICE and can hold over 1,000 detainees. The facility is privately run by GEO Group, which seems to annoy leftists more than anything else, and Coffman won’t condemn that either. “I think the energy toward GEO is misdirected,” he said during the campaign. “I just visited Arapahoe County Jail, and it didn’t look too good to me, either.”

The Aurora Detention Facility has been operating for more than 30 years, but the recent growth of so-called “sanctuary” laws to protect illegals from law enforcement has made it a hot-button issue for local leftists. Coffman’s opponent in the election is a former leader of the city’s NAACP branch and opposes private detention centers. He said during the campaign he’d like the Aurora facility to be closed down and repurposed; Coffman supports keeping it open to protect the city from illegal criminals. It seems a majority of the city’s voters agree with him.

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