Only 3 Americans Tested Positive for the Flu Last Week

Only 23 Americans Tested Positive for the Flu Last Week Compared to 14659 Cases Last Year

( – There’s some suspiciously good news in among all the coronavirus doom and gloom this week. According to the latest statistics, our society and economy might be falling apart under the impact of COVID-19, but Americans aren’t catching the flu anymore.

The CDC released their FluView summary for the week ending January 23 last Friday, January 29, and the figures are impressive. From January 17-23, there were 13,202 lab tests for flu, but only three positive results. Meanwhile, the week before, there were only 23 confirmed cases of flu in the entire US. In the same week in 2020, there were almost 15,000 confirmed new cases. Why aren’t we catching this miserable but depressingly common disease anymore?

The official answer is that, with the lockdowns and social distancing being imposed to fight COVID, we’re just not being exposed to the flu virus. So, if these measures are so ruthlessly effective at suppressing the flu, why aren’t they suppressing COVID?

In the same week that the CDC reported three positive flu samples, there were an astonishing 285,251 positive COVID tests — which we’ve been told are because we aren’t wearing masks and social distancing enough.

Officially, COVID has claimed more than 450,000 victims in the US so far. However, back in August, the CDC admitted that only 6% of them had died of coronavirus alone. The others were also suffering from other problems – some had pneumonia that could have been a complication of coronavirus, but others suffered from poisoning and gunshot wounds. Could the figures for COVID deaths be massively inflated to justify draconian new laws? Are flu statistics being quietly relabeled as COVID? While inquiring minds want t know, the sad truth is we may never know the truth.

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