Omar Visited Pakistan, Plugged Megadonor’s Company

( – Radical congresswoman Ilhan Omar visited Pakistan last year, ignoring the failing state’s appalling human rights record. While she was there, she promoted a Pakistani healthcare company. Inconveniently, it turns out the company has links to a major Democrat donor.

In April 2022, Omar visited Pakistan — sparking a protest from India, a major US ally in the region — and met deposed prime minister Imran Khan, who had been forced out of office days before she arrived and is now in jail on corruption charges. An investigation by the Washington Free Beacon has now found that Omar went to Pakistan with Tahir Javed, the Democratic National Committee’s deputy chairman for finance. The two have close links; Javed hosted a fundraiser for Omar during the 2018 election that put her in Congress and personally donated thousands to her campaign.

As it turns out, Javed also has powerful connections in Pakistan. He’s claimed he was the one who arranged Omar’s meeting with Khan, who insists the US was behind the vote of no confidence that removed him from power. He also set up her visit to Byonyks Medical, a Pakistani company that’s selling a new dialysis machine. That would have been easy for him, as he has a seat on the company’s board. Byonyks was founded by Pakistani entrepreneur Farrukh Usman, another donor to Omar’s campaign. Her visit gave the company added publicity and recognition.

Javed owns several companies in the US and is a major donor to Democrat politicians; he claims to have given $2 million to the 2020 Biden-Harris campaign. He’s also used his influence to push Pakistani interests in the US government, allegedly including talking to President Biden about Kashmir and trying to stir up a boycott of India’s prime minister.

In 2021, Khan honored Javed with an award “for services to Pakistan,” — but he’s still close to Omar and other US Democrats. Omar is also a strong advocate for Pakistan; is this a coincidence?

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