Omar Lashes Out Against Trump Policy

Omar Lashes Out Against Trump Policy

( – One of President Trump’s executive orders gives states the right to restrict the resettlement of refugees inside state borders. Beltrami county in Minnesota is now acting on this. It’s the second county in America to enact the policy.

As state Rep. Matt Grossell (R-MN) said:

“President Trump empowered counties to have a voice in the decision-making process for the federal refugee resettlement program… tonight, Beltrami County exercised that option.”

However, not everyone was happy about this decision. Oppositionists believe that this is a reaction to the spike in crime ever since swaths of Somali refugees migrated to the area. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-NM) took to Twitter to voice her concern over this new policy.

Omar and her family, originally from Somalia, migrated to the US from Kenya in 1995.

Maybe preventing radical leftists from entering the country isn’t such a bad thing.

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