Ohio Lawmakers Pass Law Banning Schools From Forcing Vaccinations

Ohio Lawmakers Pass Law Banning Schools From Forcing Vaccinations

(RightWing.org) – Ohio sent the federal government a strong reminder about states’ rights last week when the state legislature passed a law banning schools from mandating COVID vaccines until the FDA approves them.

On June 28, both chambers of the Ohio State Legislature passed House Bill 244, prohibiting any publicly-owned educational institute in Ohio – including Ohio State University, one of the country’s biggest universities – from requiring students to receive any vaccine that doesn’t have FDA approval. So far, the FDA hasn’t approved any COVID vaccine for regular use; they only have temporary, emergency use authorizations (EUAs).

HB 244 was co-sponsored by two Republican state representatives, Brian Lampton and Andrea White. As well as ruling out mandatory vaccination, the bill also makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated by denying them opportunities available to vaccinated people or forcing them to take extra precautions. It’s now just waiting for Governor Mike DeWine (R) to sign it before it becomes law.

State Senator Andrew Brenner (R) said the bill is about personal rights and ensuring students and parents get to make their own decisions. That isn’t a view shared by the current White House – but, led by Texas, Florida, Ohio and others, states are starting to push back against Biden’s big-government agenda.

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