Officials Investigating Social Media Page Linked to Mass Shooter

Officials Investigating Social Media Page Linked to Mass Shooter

( – A 33-year-old suspected Nazi sympathizer shot and killed eight individuals and wounded several others at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, a Collin County suburb north of Dallas on Saturday, May 6, before being shot and killed by police. A recent news report indicated that law enforcement officials investigating a possible motive for the mass shooting are looking at a foreign-based social media account linked to the shooter.

On May 8, The New York Times reported that investigators are examining an account on Odnoklassniki, a social media account abbreviated OK used primarily in the Russian Federation and other former Soviet republics.

The NY York Times report noted that information in the account’s profile, like the alleged shooter’s birthdate, matches the shooter. Likewise, posts on the site reference a Texas hotel where the gunman was staying immediately before the incident. The posts also mention The Daily Stormer, a US-based neo-Nazi message board. The site is a known platform for a younger, more ideologically diverse audience than other white nationalist websites.

Alarmingly, the OK profile contained numerous posts containing hate-filled rhetoric and rants against Blacks and women. It also expresses admiration for former German dictator and anti-Semite Adolf Hitler.

A couple of unnamed law enforcement officials told The New York Times the gunman appeared to embrace white supremacist beliefs. The investigators haven’t determined whether the shooting was a random violent act, a hate crime, or an act of domestic terrorism. However, officials have confirmed that the shooter wore a patch bearing the initials “RWDA,” an acronym known to investigators to represent “Right Wing Death Squad.”

The Associated Press (AP) reported that the posts on suggested the shooter planned the attack on the outlet mall weeks before he launched his weekend assault on unsuspecting shoppers. The AP also reported that the gunman posted several images showing large Nazi-related tattoos on his torso and arms, including an SS lightning bolt and a swastika.

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