Officials Confirm US Troops Attacked in Northern Syria

Officials Confirm US Troops Attacked in Northern Syria

( – Tensions in Syria have been running high for months. Syrian forces, Kurdish fighters, US military, Turkish-backed militias, and Russian soldiers are all operating in the north. There have been some conflicts between American soldiers and their Syrian counterparts, but they’ve usually been resolved without violence — until this Monday, August 17.

Operation Inherent Resolve Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III released a statement from the coalition announcing an attack on Americans and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The group was patrolling for ISIS fighters when they were attacked by pro-government forces.

Col. Caggins said Coalition forces “returned fire in self-defense,” and suffered no casualties as a result.

There are reports Syrian troops suffered one casualty after firing on the US Coalition.

The country is a hotbed for ISIS activity. When the Syrian Civil War broke out, the terrorist group was able to thrive, until President Trump was elected. Under his leadership, the organization has suffered an incredible number of casualties, and the organization’s strongholds have been returned to their people.

However, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants the US out of the country, and it has led to increased tension in the region. Fortunately, this unprovoked act of violence didn’t kill any Americans this time. Let’s hope there isn’t a next.

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