Oberlin College Agrees to Pay Millions in Damages Over Racist Smear

Oberlin College Agrees to Pay Millions in Damages Over Racist Smear

It Was A Racist SMEAR – $36 Million Settlement Reached!

(RightWing.org) – Woke culture has taken the country by storm in the last couple of years, with so-called enlightened individuals blaming racism for society’s woes. However, the concept isn’t new, as exemplified by the recent decision by a prominent college to pay millions in damages over its racist smear of a local business owner.

On September 8, Oberlin College announced its board of trustees agreed to pay a $36.59 million settlement to Gibson’s Bakery after the Ohio state supreme court declined to hear the school’s appeal of a lower court judgment.

The case began in 2016 after law enforcement officials arrested one of Oberlin College’s students. Charging documents alleged the student — who is black — stole a bottle of wine from the bakery and assaulted its owner.

The Oberlin Student Senate responded by distributing a notice accusing Gibson’s Bakery of demonstrating an “utter lack of respect for community members of color” for daring to accuse a black student of a crime. The statement also called on fellow students to “cease” all financial support of the bakery.

Likewise, the 2016 complaint filed by the bakery claimed students, faculty, and staff staged demonstrations outside the business. Additionally, they circulated flyers accusing it of bing a “racist establishment” with a long-standing pattern of “racial profiling and discrimination.” The leaflets also offered suggestions for alternative places to shop.

These accusations proved to be unfounded as the student was indeed black and was found guilty of the crime in a court of law.

It appears that justice has triumphed over “woke” America in Ohio. Next stop, the other 49 states.

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