Obama Aide Warns Dems On Abortion

The Democratic Party’s slide into extremism seems to be speeding up, and even many senior Dems are now openly worried about the direction things are going. Presidential candidates seem to be chasing the votes of hardline activists and forgetting that it’s the American people who actually decide elections. Now, a former aide to ex-president Obama has joined in, warning that the candidates’ outspoken views on abortion are a long way from what most Americans think — and are likely to alienate voters.


Abortion has become the latest battleground in the Democratic race, with most of the candidates fighting hard to collect the votes of radical feminists. They seem to have lost sight of the country, and now that’s worrying more thoughtful people.

  • Michael Wear was a faith adviser to Barack Obama, assisting with both of his presidential campaigns. During the Obama administration, Wear worked in the White House on Obama’s “faith-based initiative.” Although he’s not an elected politician, he’s worked at the heart of the Democratic Party for a long time, and he knows what makes it tick.
  • Now Wear has written an op-ed, published recently in the New York Times. In it, he argues that the candidates’ uncompromising arguments are pushing ordinary people away from the Dems.
  • Most Americans have an opinion on abortion, but it’s rarely a black and white one. Generally, they think it should be legal with restrictions on availability, or illegal with a range of exemptions. A majority seem to think, to some degree, that abortion is unpleasant but sometimes the best option — a necessary evil.
  • That’s not what the Democratic candidates are saying, though. They’re arguing that abortion is a human right and that to put any restrictions on it is an attack on women. This isn’t an argument that goes down well with most Americans — including most women.
  • Wear argues that US voters mostly don’t see abortion as an issue that’s morally clear, which White House wannabe Kirsten Gillibrand called it recently. He says most people find it complex.
  • He says arguing for abortion on demand puts the candidates out of step with the American people — even with Democratic voters on the issue.
  • What really seems to worry Wear is that President Trump will use abortion, and the candidates’ outspoken support for it, to paint the Democrats as evil. Wear says that’s an effective tactic — and the front runners in the Dem race are making it an easy one to use.

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