OAN Dropped by ATT Owned DirectTV

OAN Dropped by AT&T Owned DirectTV

(RightWing.org) – The rise of fake news coupled with cancel culture has taken a toll on media outlets in recent years. In addition, online censorship of news outlets by social media giants Facebook and Twitter have created additional problems, particularly for conservative voices. Most recently, DirecTV decided not to renew its contract with One America News (OAN) when it expires in April.

On Friday, January 14, news outlets confirmed the AT&T-owned company’s decision to drop OAN’s two satellite television channels. DirecTV reportedly sent a letter to OAN’s parent company, Herring Networks, advising it decided not to enter into a new contract “following a routine internal review.”

The abrupt decision to drop OAN calls the future of the conservative news outlet into question because DirecTV provided the bulk of its viewing audience. For unknown reasons, OAN couldn’t secure contracts with other large providers like Charter Communications, Comcast, and Dish Network.

As a result, OAN viewers will find themselves limited to smaller services like Verizon FiOS and a few small pay-TV service providers. Fans of the network can also view programming using KlowdTV, an online streaming-TV service.

What do you think about OAN’s ability to survive without a contract with DirecTV? If the network falls, who do you think might rise to fill the void? Newsmax TV? The former president’s new company, Trump Media & Technology Group?

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