NYPD Union Tells Cops “Rally Around ICE”

The “sanctuary city” issue is a huge insult to any American who believes in the rule of law, but it’s one of the hills the Left has chosen to fight for, and that fight is getting ugly. Democrat mayors and elected police officials have tried to force city cops to stop enforcing the law. Now, frontline law enforcement officers are starting to push back. The Dems have tried to drag the police into politics, where they don’t belong, and it might just be about to blow up in their face.


So-called “sanctuary city” policies are a blatant attempt to break the law for political reasons. Left-wing Democrats want open borders but know the American people won’t accept this, so they try to make it happen anyway by obstructing any attempt to remove illegal immigrants. Police in “sanctuary” cities aren’t allowed to help ICE agents, and illegals who’ve committed crimes are often released from local jails before ICE can detain and deport them.

  • Open border supporters are furious that President Trump is launching a crackdown on illegal immigration, and they’re trying to obstruct him any way they can. We’ve all seen the mess Dems have made over the border wall; now they’re stepping up efforts to cause trouble inside the borders, too.
  • In advance of the ICE operations planned for the weekend of July 13/14, senior officials and the NYPD gave cops strict instructions not to assist ICE agents during their raids.
  • A memo from the department told officers that, “under the ‘sanctuary city policy,’ members of the service while on duty may not use their time, department equipment or department property to support or assist in immigration enforcement.”
  • Now, one of the city’s powerful police unions, The New York City Police Department Sergeants Benevolent Association, has decided to ignore that and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow law enforcement officers in ICE.
  • In a letter released on Friday, July 12, the union called on its members to stand by any ICE agent who needed their assistance to uphold the rule of law.

I, therefore, remind you of our sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of New York. I further encourage you to NOT leave any I.C.E. Agent abandoned if in need of assistance and to stand shoulder to shoulder with each agent so that they too can return home safely to their families. They are members of law enforcement just like you and we must never participate in the politics being applied upon our duty to uphold the law. Should you encounter any resistance from this Department or the City of New York while assisting an I.C.E Agent in need of HELP, please call the SBA 24hr number immediately at 212-226-2180. – Ed Mullins, Union President

  • The law is the law, and the Democrats are wrong to use those who enforce it as political tools. The SBA’s brave move shows that at least some people in these “sanctuary” cities haven’t forgotten that they serve the American people.

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