NYC Cops Stand Up to de Blasio

NYC Cops Stand Up to de Blasio

( – Two back-to-back shootouts targeting NYPD officers took place over the weekend. While no police officers were lethally wounded, some did sustain gunshot injuries. The dust stirred up by these shootings may have settled, but the aftermath is far from resolved.

After the investigation into these events was announced, the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), a police union, has “declared war” against Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The union takes issue with de Blasio because he has implemented anti-police policies over the last several years. Some of his actions include:

  • Cutback “stop and frisk” actions
  • Turned NYC into a sanctuary city since 2014
  • Set a 2026 closing date for Rikers Island jail
  • Instituted criminal justice reforms that all but end cash bail for many criminals

Rates of robberies, shootings, and car thefts have increased under de Blasio’s time as mayor. It’s good to see the brave men and women of the NYPD stand up to a liberal politician that doesn’t always have their best interests at heart.

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