NYC Claims It “Botched” Recount as It Delays Election Results

NYC Claims It

( – New York City’s election board has admitted it bungled the vote count in the city’s Democratic mayoral primary. The stunning error has many Conservatives asking if phantom votes might have thrown off any other recent elections.

On June 29, NYC’s Board of Elections admitted that it had made a serious error with their Election Management System – voting machines, in other words – that had thrown off the preliminary results announced earlier that day.

Election officials say they had created 135,000 sample votes to run a pre-election test of the system, then didn’t purge them from its memory before the real votes went in. When they tabulated the primary results, the sample votes were counted alongside the real ones, throwing off the results.

Former President Donald Trump didn’t miss the potential implications of the “error” and released a statement on June 30. Trump pointed out that “based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won” – and linked the NYC mess to last November’s disputed presidential election.

Meanwhile, the UK has just run a parliamentary election, including two recounts, overnight – without using a single voting machine. That election was conducted by hand, and everyone accepts the results. As Trump said, if we want “accurate and meaningful” results, we should go back to doing it that way and get rid of untrustworthy election systems.

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