NSA Offers Simple Steps to Protect Your Phone Data From Hackers

NSA Offers Simple Steps to Protect Your Phone Data From Hackers

(RightWing.org) – Cybercrimes have exploded across the headlines this year in the wake of several ransomware attacks targeting American infrastructure. However, security concerns aren’t limited to government agencies and large corporations. Anyone can fall victim to hi-tech criminals. Fortunately, there’s a simple hack you can use to protect your phone data.

The National Security Agency recently issued a Mobile Device Best Practices guide showing Americans a few great ways to secure their smartphones from unwanted tampering and cyber attacks. Buried within the guidance is an amazingly simple suggestion: turn your device off and on once a week.

According to the guide, a hard reboot offers some protection against “spear phishing,” the practice of installing malware on a smartphone. It can also protect against zero-click exploits — attacks on devices that don’t require users to click on anything.

Other ways to prevent or mitigate attacks include:

  • Only installing apps from official stores
  • Avoiding the use of public WiFi and Bluetooth networks
  • Using encrypted voice and data apps
  • Turning off location services
  • Never clicking on links or opening attachments

However, simply keeping a device’s software and apps updated is the best way to keep a mobile system safe and secure.

The NSA also has a great webpage discussing how to protect home offices from cyberattacks.

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