NRA Offers a History Lesson to Kamala Harris

( – Joe Biden campaigned heavily in 2020 on a promise to end America’s “gun violence epidemic.” Recent rhetoric by Kamala Harris indicates that the un-dynamic duo is staging a repeat performance as the country heads toward the 2024 election. However, the vice president managed to fumble the situation when tasked to run interference for the president — an error that led to a painful history lesson from the NRA.

On August 22, Harris posted a tweet claiming Biden “has taken on the NRA and won.” She also predicted he’d do it again. A stark tan, blue, and red Biden/Harris meme accompanied the post, with Biden affirming his determination to ban so-called assault weapons. He claimed he did it “once before” and will “do it again.”

If he already did it, why must he do it again? Then again, perhaps he got confused in the mirror and thought he was Mark Twain. The famous author and humorist once quipped that “giving up smoking” was easy, adding that he knew “because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

The NRA didn’t waste any time striking back at Harris’ peculiar post and Biden’s puzzling remarks. The association’s spokesperson, Billy McLaughlin, sent an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital pointing out that the vice president “should learn her history” before posting messages online.

McLaughlin noted that team Biden was referring to the then-senator’s vote for the 1994 Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act (HR4296). Otherwise known as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, the measure expired 10 years later during the administration of former President George W. Bush.

The NRA spokesperson pointed out that time ran out on the measure due to the efforts of the NRA. McLaughlin concluded his statement by pointing out that “thanks to the NRA,” ownership of ArmaLite AR-15s has surged from 850,000 in 2004 to “25 million today.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like game, set, and match for the NRA. Perhaps someone should tell Harris?

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