Notable University Professor Defends Depraved Behavior In Shocking Claim

Notable University Professor Defends Depraved Behavior In Shocking Claim

( – A major university has condemned one of its own professors after he released a shocking video that defends sex with children as young as one year old. Now they’re “reviewing” the situation – but will anything be done about it?

On February 2, a video surfaced on Twitter, appearing to show philosophy professor Stephen Kershnar of the State University of New York at Fredonia defending pedophilia. The video consists of clips from a longer video posted on YouTube on January 30.

Asked to discuss morality, Kershnar chose the example of an adult man who wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Kershnar argued while most people would see this as deeply wrong, “It’s not obvious to me that it’s, in fact, wrong. I think this is a mistake.” He went on to say he doesn’t believe there’s any minimum age below which sex becomes automatically wrong and specifically mentioned one-year-old boys.

After the Twitter video appeared, SUNY Fredonia president Stephen Kolison, Jr. tweeted that Kershnar’s views are “reprehensible” and don’t represent the views of the university. Kolison said a review is underway, but it’s very hard to fire a tenured professor if he hasn’t actually broken any laws.

Kershnar’s online biography says he’s worked in the SUNY system for 23 years and is also an attorney. He’s written papers justifying pedophilia, slavery and abortion. Yet, he’s paid to teach morals to young people.

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