Not Since Obama Have We Seen Gang Deportation Numbers This Low

Not Since Obama Have We Seen Gang Deportation Numbers this Low

( – The Biden Administration has completely lost control of our southern border, but there’s even worse news. The number of illegal alien gang members deported from the US is falling and is now at the lowest since Obama was president. These are some of the most dangerous criminals in the US — and it looks like the Democrats can’t, or won’t, get rid of them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has just released its 2022 annual report, and it’s a depressing read. The report shows that last year, just 2,667 known or suspected foreign gang members were removed from the US, down from 2,718 in 2021. Since President Biden took office in 2021, his administration has managed to deport only 5,385 gang members; in its first two years, the Trump administration expelled nearly 11,300 — more than twice as many.

So what’s gone wrong? We still have the same law enforcement and border security agencies. Why are less than half as many gangsters being deported? These criminals are closely linked to the flood of illegal opioids entering the US and much of the violence that plagues American cities. Their removal should be a priority, but apparently, it isn’t.

The Department for Homeland Security insists that the deportation of criminal illegal aliens is one of its top priorities. The reality is that the Biden Administration has systematically worked to protect illegals from law enforcement.

In September 2021, the DHS issued “sanctuary county” orders that protected most criminal illegals from arrest or deportation. Those orders specifically excluded gang members from protection, but the latest report reveals that the administration isn’t deporting them at anywhere near the rate they were under Trump. Biden is failing in his most basic duty — to protect the American people.

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