North Korea Doesn’t Want Peace

North Korea Doesn't Want Peace

Officials from North Korea and the US are meeting this Saturday to discuss the nuclear weapon crisis that’s making everyone in the region nervous. In what can only be an attempted strong-arm tactic by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, his nation continues to conduct missile tests to show off his military’s technological development. The latest test is perhaps the most worrisome yet.

A brand new North Korean missile from an ocean-based launchpad had its first successful test ever:

The exact source of the missile launch is unknown as the smoke obscured vision of any potential submarine, barge or other launch platform. This disturbing new development means that North Korea can utilize more stealth in its deployment of nuclear weapons. Japan, in particular, seems to be at a significantly increased risk of being struck in light of this development.

President Trump, however, appears unconcerned about the threat and confident that this new round of negotiations will see great success. Kim’s good relations with Trump will surely pay off this weekend.

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