North Korea a Huge Threat Under Biden Administration

North Korea a Huge Threat Under Biden Administration

( – One of the foreign policy successes of President Trump’s first term has been the suppression of North Korea’s threat to world peace. The president’s firm line with Pyongyang’s power games has forced the rogue Stalinist state to dial back its weapons programs. For example, North Korea hasn’t tested a nuclear weapon or intercontinental ballistic missile since 2017.

Now, security experts are worried about what will happen if Joe Biden ends up in the White House. It’s already feared that he would take a much softer line with China, which has also been a key objective of the Trump administration. China is North Korea’s only real ally, and without the threat of US sanctions to deter them, Beijing might feel they can safely increase their support for Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Unfortunately, Jong-un is already believed to have missiles capable of reaching the West Coast of the USA, and has nuclear warheads to fit them. North Korea also has the ability to launch Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks, using extra-atmospheric nuclear weapons, that could paralyze the US and destroy our power and communications grids. This is not the time to take the pressure off the fanatics in Pyongyang.


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