Nonpartisan Pushback on Police Reforms

Nonpartisan Pushback on Police Reforms

( – Defunding or disbanding police departments has become the new big thing for the radical left across the country. It’s a powerful rallying cry and, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, it’s built up a lot of momentum very quickly. But it’s also a really stupid idea, and as it’s gained traction, a wide range of figures from all over the political spectrum have stood up against it.


In the last week, many of the protests over what happened to George Floyd have latched onto defunding, or abolishing, the police as a goal.

  • A majority of Minneapolis City Council have voted to dismantle the city police department. They say they want to build a new model of public safety, but don’t seem clear about what that would be.
  • There are also moves underway in New York and Los Angeles to defund their cops. Charlotte, NC, has already imposed funding restrictions to prevent its police department from buying tear gas and other riot control agents.
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  • Civil rights attorney Daryl Parks went on Fox News Tuesday to explain the movement, claiming that “Most communities want to reassess policing needs.”
  • However, as the defunding demands have increased in volume, so has the level of opposition. In the last couple of days, a series of local, state and federal political figures have stood up to oppose the craze.
  • Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey (D) was jeered by protestors when he told a crowd he didn’t support defunding the cops. He was backed up by Minnesota State Senate majority leader Paul Gazelka (MN 9-R), who called the city council’s defunding plan “Off the wall.”
  • Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) told the media Tuesday that while she supports reform and better oversight of the police, she won’t get behind efforts to defund or dismantle them.
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  • Joe Biden tried to take the lead among senior Dems in condemning the idea, but now even antique socialist Bernie Sanders has said he’s against defunding. Some others on the radical left, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are loudly advocating slashing police budgets, but with Sanders against them, a lot of the wind has been taken out of their sails.

The problem with getting rid of traditional police is that the only workable alternative is private security. Community initiatives might divert some people from crime, but when a crime does happen, people need to be able to pick up the phone and know someone will answer — someone trained to handle the situation. The problem with private security is that it has to be paid for, and the poor can’t afford it. Those are the people the left claim to care about — but right now, they’re not showing it.

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