Nobody Is Safer In Sanctuary Cities

Nobody Is Safer In Sanctuary Cities

Another former ICE chief has weighed in on the debate about so-called “sanctuary cities.” Ron Vitiello, who served as acting director of the enforcement agency, told Fox News that “Protecting criminals is lawlessness.”

A recent string of scandals involving illegal immigrants has brought “sanctuary” laws under the microscope, following multiple arrests for rape in Montgomery County, MD, and the detention of at least two convicted sex offenders at the southern border. Vitiello pointed to these examples as he explained that “sanctuary” laws, billed as making the community safer because they encourage illegals to cooperate with local law enforcement, really just let criminals enter the US with impunity.

“People want the law enforced,” he said. “These offenses occur in the immigrant community. They’re more than happy to cooperate with the police to get criminals off the street.” He went on, “Nobody is safer when a city protects somebody who is a criminal. These people came into the country. They’re here illegally, and they go on to commit another crime,” Vitiello told Fox.

ICE said last week that it had achieved great results, detaining almost 1,300 foreign criminals — but that it could have arrested 200 more if its officers hadn’t been obstructed by “sanctuary” laws that let criminals post bail and evade ICE.

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