No Surprise — Whistleblower Has Ties to Joe Biden

No Surprise -- Whistleblower Has Ties to Joe Biden

The Democrats spearheading the campaign to impeach President Trump say the process is about the law, not politics — but it’s always looked pretty political from the outside. Now it’s taken another twist, with the revelation that the star witness for impeachment has links with the current favorite for the Dem presidential nomination.

It’s now open knowledge that the “whistleblower” is probably Eric Ciaramella, a career CIA analyst who had senior positions under the Obama administration. Ciaramella is an expert on Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and he’s also likely the person who complained — on the basis of dubious hearsay evidence — that the president offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine’s president if he would investigate Joe Biden’s son for corruption.

And now it turns out he has links with Biden that go back years. In October 2016, Ciaramella was a guest of Biden at a State Department banquet — unusual for a career intelligence officer whose expertise doesn’t cover Italy. It’s also being reported that Ciaramella worked with Biden during six visits he made to Ukraine and may have accompanied him on at least some of them.

Is he now helping cover up tracks for his old boss? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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