No Appetite For Impeachment, More Trump Probes

It seems that, since January 2017, the Democratic Party has only had one goal in mind: impeach President Trump. The fixation on this idea has gotten even stronger since they gained a majority in the House a few months ago. Maybe they know they can’t compete with the president on policy, which drives their determination to remove him from office. There’s no doubt that’s their priority. Unfortunately for Dems, the American people are sick of it.


What are the Democrats’ main policy ideas these days? You probably don’t have a clue because they don’t talk about that much anymore. Most of them seem to be caught up in a single obsession, and that’s impeaching the president.

Optimists had hoped that the release of the Mueller report would bring Congress back to a focus on real policies that matters to the American people. Instead many on the Left seem to have doubled down on the impeachment agenda. Luckily, that appears to be a road to nowhere because the voters have had enough.

  • A new Harris-Harvard poll asked voters what they think about impeaching President Trump and the way the House is focusing on that. The results make it clear that the Dems are on the wrong track if they want the country to take them seriously.
  • According to the poll, 65% of Americans say Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. That’s considerably larger than the 42.9% who think he’s doing a good job. So, even many of his political opponents think the impeachment farce has gone on long enough.
  • Nearly as many — 58% — say that following the release of the Mueller report it’s time to stop investigating the president. A similar 60% agree with Attorney General Barr that the president didn’t obstruct justice.
  • Most convincing of all, 80% of Americans want Congress to focus on issues that actually matter: infrastructure renewal, health care reform and immigration. People are tired of the legislature pursuing its vendetta against Trump instead of doing its job.
  • What people do want to be investigated is how this whole circus got started. No less than 55% think FBI bias against Trump played a role in investigations, while 61% want a special counsel to investigate the Bureau.
  • Are the Democrats listening? Of course not. A few, like Nancy Pelosi and Pete Buttigieg, can see the writing on the wall; they’re trying to cool down the impeachment fever that’s gripping their party. The rest seem as determined as ever to waste their time chasing Trump instead of trying to actually win voters over to their side. That’s likely to cost them dearly in November 2020.