Nikki Haley Warns That UN Is Preparing to Prop Up Taliban

Nikki Haley Warns That UN Is Preparing to Prop Up Taliban

( – The Taliban appears to be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the Biden presidency. First, the extremist group seized control of Afghanistan with days of the US troop withdrawal due to President Joe Biden’s lack of proper planning. Next, US officials handed over a list of American citizens and Afghan allies, eliminating the need for them to create their own “kill list.” Now, it appears the United Nations (UN) is following the Biden administration’s lead.

Trump’s former UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, recently expressed concern the international body would elevate the Taliban’s global standing by officially recognizing it as Afghanistan’s legitimate government.

On August 24, Haley told the Washington Examiner the UN already had a “terrible track record” when it came to legitimizing “human rights abusers.” Haley warned the Taliban harbored some of the “world’s worst terrorists” and doesn’t have a place in an organization created to maintain global peace and security.

Continuing, Haley pointed out the UN’s history of recognizing other regimes known for human rights abuses, saying she had to listen to some of the world’s worst human rights violators lie about their atrocities while serving as the US ambassador. However, this time the circumstances are different, she explained.

The Taliban represent something different than a government abusing its own people. It is a group that violently overthrew a democratically-elected government, and the UN should deny it any recognition.

Haley concluded her remarks by calling on the Biden administration to spearhead the effort to block UN recognition of the Taliban. The US “should lead the charges,” she said, particularly in light of its “disastrous lack of leadership so far” in Afghanistan.

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