Nikki Haley Slams Hypocrisy of Democrats

Nikki Haley Slams Hypocrisy of Democrats

( – After President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett for consideration to the US Supreme Court, Democrats began crying foul. It’s expected they will do everything they can to thwart her confirmation. Nikki Haley isn’t letting their hypocrisy go unnoticed.

The three biggest objections Democrats have to Barrett’s confirmation are:

  1. Nominating/confirming a Supreme Court justice in the middle of an election
  2. Her conservative views regarding abortion as informed by her Catholic faith
  3. Her past statements regarding Obamacare and its constitutionality

Some Democrats are refusing to even meet with Barrett. Former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley attacked Democrats’ hypocrisy. Haley said Democrats claim to be the party of women, yet, in the figurative sense, stones are being unfairly thrown at the first woman nominated after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing.

Barrett is a wife, mom to seven children (two of whom are adopted), and is well regarded in the academic and law community. Haley challenged Democratic Senators to meet with Barrett.

Expect Democrats to continue complaining. Unfortunately for them, that’s all they can do. It appears Barrett will have the minimum 51 votes to confirm her. The only question is, will it be before or after the election?

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