Nickelback Profits From Trump’s Ill-Fated Tweet

Nickelback Profits From Trump's Ill-Fated Tweet

Earlier this month we reported on how President Trump was forced to delete a tweet of a popular Nickelback music video meme due to a copyright claim.

This was already a ridiculous claim by Nickelback, who hasn’t had a top-10 hit in over 10 years. “Photograph,” the song featured in the video, ranked number two 14 years ago, which is one of their most recent successes. Now, it seems Liberals have manufactured a renewed interest in the rock band.

In fact, Nickelback song downloads increased by a whopping 569% after this debacle.

This entire ordeal surrounding Nickelback’s hit song and Trump’s tweet proves that you don’t need any real talent to make it in pop culture. All you need is manufactured consent surrounding an opportune moment to skyrocket your way to “success.” Rest assured that Nickelback will lose their new-found status as soon as another hit single takes social media by storm.

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