NFL Tells Teams to Hire More People Based on Gender

NFL Tells Teams to Hire More People Based on Gender

( – An annual owners’ meeting decision will force American football teams to hire “diverse” coaches for the upcoming season. The league’s Workplace Diversity Committee recommended the decision. It’s the next stage in the progress of woke ideology through the NFL.

On March 28, the owners of the NFL’s 32 teams ruled each team will now have to hire an offensive assistant coach who is either female or from an ethnic minority. Teams must employ the new assistant on a one-year contract, and the league says they should work with the head coach and offensive staff. The goal is to increase the number of diverse coaching candidates by identifying them sooner and providing better opportunities. Currently, around 70% of NFL players are Black compared to 39% of coaches, and only five head coaches, are non-white.

The resolution doesn’t say teams need to have a female or minority assistant coach; it says they have to hire one – even if they have one already. The NFL will cover the cost of the new coaches for the first two years from a league fund.

The move will dramatically increase the number of minority and female coaches in the NFL, creating a more diverse talent pool from which to choose new head coaches. The question is, should the league be getting so involved in teams’ hiring decisions?

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