NFL Legend Speaks Out Against BLM — You Won’t Believe What He Had to Say

NFL Legend Speaks Out Against BLM

( – In the first week of the NFL football season, the league has put its name and reputation behind social justice. In week 1, players protested the National Anthem and wore decals on their helmets supporting the cause. On Thursday, September 18, former NFL great Herschel Walker called out the NFL and players and asked them if they support Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Walker apologized to America after learning more about the BLM organization. He asked the NFL, its players, and every politician to examine whether they support trained Marxists who make a lot of money off their movement.

While the players have a right to protest, so do the fans, the former star also said. He emphasized that the players shouldn’t be upset if fans boo or chose not to watch football because of the political environment surrounding the league. Earlier in the week, the former NFL great said there shouldn’t be politics in sports.

Walker said he believes the way to solve the problem is to stop protesting and bring people together.

We couldn’t agree more!

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